Kool Chutes

Our chutes are based around solving a near universal problem: access to the reefer after initial installation, which usually means more work in regard to the “other guy’s” chutes. Kool Chutes use a permanently-mounted Universal Bracket our chutes snap onto. In this way, our chutes allow no sweat, 30-second access to the reefer without ever having to use unnecessary labor to tear down, re-drill mount holes, patch old holes or degrading ever wall and ceiling insulation.

Dual Wall Mounted

Our Dual-Wall Mount chutes minimize work area intrusion in two ways. The wall duct inflates and deflates, which when uniflated keeps them from being torn off the ceiling by forklift operations. Secondly, the manifold is collapsible, which allows for freight to push up against it without impeding airflow or detaching from the wall as with other designs on the market. Additionally, the flexible design can be completely disconnected from the wall ducts for full-cube, dry goods hauling literally in seconds.

Single Ceiling Mounted

Our Central Chutes are traditional in most ways except the means of attachment on the reefer end, i.e. the Universal Bracket. Secondly, our manifold has a ceiling in it, which means our chute doesn’t need the front wall and ceiling of the trailer to form air flow into the chute. The manifold can be detached from the chute, drooped down on the reefer to facilitate full-cube, dry goods hauling. The Universal Bracket allows 30-second access to the reefer.