Kool Shield™ | Protect the Freight

Kool Shield™ is an innovative system that solves a refrigerated-trucking industry problem: temperature loss and humidity spikes during deliveries and the wait to be unloaded at consignees.

This asset-management tool will help haulers meet new federal Food Safety Modernization Act requirements on temperature sensitive foods while increasing profitability. Temperature swings have been a fact of life in the refrigeration transportation industry up until now.
The Kool Shield™ is available for swing door, roll-up door and side door refrigerated trailers.

Our Kool Products also include Kool Chutes, available in both Single Ceiling Mounted and Dual Wall Mounted styles.

  • Eliminate Temperature Claims

  • Insure Compliance With Food Safety Modernization Act

  • Conserve Fuel

  • Reduce Wear & Tear - Reduce Maintenance


Kool Shield™ for Swing Doors

Kool Shield™ is a revolution in refrigerated trucking equipment. Instead of static curtains that cannot seal off a trailer, Kool Shield’s mechanical retractability along with its lineal stay design offer truckers and haulers greater control to protect the product they haul and maintain temperatures.
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Kool Shield™ for Roll up Doors

Soon after Humboldt Specialty launched the Kool Shield™ it became apparent that there were many other applications for which it would be just as revolutionary. Kool Shield™ for Roll-Up Door was added in December 2015 because of continual requests. It operates the same as Kool Shield for Swing Door, but adds features and usefulness unique to a Roll-Up Door truck.
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Kool Shield™ for Side Doors

Now you can put a Kool Shield in every service door on your trailers. Side Door operations have unique dynamics in function and design, which are now available in two versions: Electric and Manual. At the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) show in Phoenix in October 2015 Humboldt Specialty Manufacturing showed the Electric Kool Shield for Side-Door (electric) for the first time.
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Reefer Chutes

Before Humboldt Specialty Manufacturing got rolling promoting Kool Shield a Carrier dealer asked us to make chutes… He was unhappy with his current prospects. Humboldt Specialty set about to find out what was good and not so good about many current chute designs. While we do not claim to have a silver bullet, that trumps all issues, we have a solution that is revolutionary in the form of standard central and dual wall chutes.
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Manufactured by Humboldt Specialty